We've all heard success depends on one thing: location, location, location. Seminole is the location for you! We have prepared our future, and that future includes you!

Seminole has been on the move while other communites have watied and watched - carefully planning for our paths to cross. Call it destiny; we are ready for you to more forward with us!

We offer you hospitality, a work ethic second to none, business incentives focused on your profits, and a cozy lifestyle. Most importantly, the community is ready and waiting to assist your business venture with a cache of Economic Development tools.

We are ready with sweet deals you simply cannot refuse! How about a new 200 acre Industrial Park? Or a workforce of more than 7,000 prospective employees ready to work? How about four-lane highway access to major transportation arteries? WE HAVE IT ALL!

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You have never seen a city move this fast! Seminole staff is trained, professional and ready to create jobs.

Contact Community Developement for information on zoning. (405) 382-4330

Contact Code Enforcement office for permits. (405) 382-3434

For information on Zoning Ordinances visit our link at Sterling Codifiers.

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Allow our professional staff to show you what a pleasure site location can be. We enjoy removing the frustrating hurdles that site location teams dread. If we don't exceed your expectations we don't feel we have done our job.

Seminole has several sites ready for your business:

*Harvey Road Warehouse
*Alco-Kober Industrial Plant
*Industrial Building
*Industrial Park ready for your plans.

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Wheels, rail or water - You can get here from there!



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