The People Power to Get Things Done!

Seminole Economic Development Council and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce teamed up to create a report reflecting the current workforce in a four-county area which comprises our total workforce.

The report examines the availability of labor in Central Oklahoma, which includes Hughes, Lincoln, Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties. Highlights of the report include:

*A total of 10,500 workers are either actively looking for other work or willing to change jobs for the right opportunity.
*An estimated 5,716 workers are underemployed.
*In addition to underemployed, 3,823 workers have looked for other work during the previous three months.
*The underemployed exhibit a varity of occupations and skills.
*About 14.0% of underemployed workers hold a least a Bachelor's Degree.
*The typical underemployed worker is willing to change jobs for an increase of pay of 10% to 15%.


See the video below to see why Oklahoma is a great location for your business to grow.